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Rio Hondo College digitizes the CTE course articulation process.

THE SECTORPOINT SOLUTION - If there is but one lesson learned from 2020, it is the value of a digital process. The CTE Articulation App created by SectorPoint, Inc. transformed the tedious paperwork route for articulating high school CTE coursework with Rio Hondo Community College in Whittier, California, to a smooth and transparent electronic process.


When the California legislature provided resources for developing Career Pathways from high school to community colleges, one approved strategy was to develop articulation agreements digitally, thereby eliminating cumbersome and time-consuming paper files and documents.

For high school students who want to get an early start on earning college credit, community colleges can provide multiple pathway opportunities through articulation and dual enrollment. One vision of the Los Angeles County Community College Workforce Collaborative (LACCCWC) was to provide a modern web-based resource for community colleges in the Los Angeles region to guide students on how they can earn college credit while still in high school. Through the articulation process, certain high school courses meet specific criteria and are aligned with community college courses. These courses have gone through a process that shows that they meet the rigor and requirements of equivalent community college courses. Students who take these courses and are awarded credit get a head start on their college courses. This helps them achieve their goals and enter the workforce with the skills they require in less time and at less cost.

In order to obtain approval by college faculty, each high school instructor for each course had to follow a series of steps that depended on an arduous paper trail and often took much time going back and forth between institutions. To improve efficiency, trackability and accountability, the LACCCWC in partnership with Rio Hondo College called on SectorPoint, Inc. to devise an electronic workflow that was modern, easy to use, mobile-device friendly and accessible to all users at all times.


By wireframing and flowcharting out the entire approval process, paperwork was eliminated around the whole experience and a convoluted approval process was streamlined so that High School Instructors prepare and submit course information electronically for new or renewal articulation requests to a CTE Articulation Coordinator at the college. Upon approval, the request is passed on to the College Faculty, then to the College Supervisor before the agreement is publicly available. If the CTE Articulation Coordinator or College Faculty rejects the request, it is sent back to the High School Instructor for further elucidation. The District Administrator can view the status of all District/ROP requests for their assigned school district/ROP.

Public users can then search for current (approved) articulation agreements by District/ROP, industry sector or view all as well as agreement details such as course, units, teacher/faculty status and expiration date.


SectorPoint provides a cloud-based configuration that requires minimal effort from college IT departments with customizable workflow and process to meet individual college approval requirements. Collaboration with regional college stakeholders includes setup and configuration of the CTE Articulation app and a dedicated college database in new Microsoft® Azure hosting instance with launch support in the form of setup, hosting, maintenance, customization and staff training/engagement to achieve the goal of being up and running within one month’s time.


"The CTE Articulation website streamlined the articulation process by creating an efficient tracking system and modern database. One of the best features of the application is the ability for the high school instructor and community college faculty to communicate directly within the system. If faculty have a question or require further documentation, they can request this within the application and the instructor has immediate access to respond. The process is much more efficient, and agreements are easy to track and maintain.”

Lisa Lewenberg
Career Pathways Specialist Project Manager
Rio Hondo College

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