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SectorPoint has been providing custom SharePoint development since the release of Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 (MOSS). Our “classic” custom SharePoint solutions range from traditional custom web parts to the complete design-build of large-scale institutional websites built on the SharePoint Classic UI, consisting of custom-branded master pages, page layouts and web parts. Our classic SharePoint support and development is still going strong.

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With the release of the Modern UI in SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Online, we also provide custom development using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). The Modern UI is Microsoft’s new responsive, mobile-ready and easy-to-configure user interface for SharePoint. However, there are a limited number of Microsoft-provided, out-of-the-box web parts for the Modern UI so that, generally speaking, developers have the option to extend the capability of SharePoint through the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), the model for building customizations in the Modern UI.

SPFx Development Approaches

SPFx Web Parts

SPFx Web Parts are features and controls contained in a modern page, run client-side and built with the common scripting frameworks like React and AngularJS. Better yet, SPFx Web Parts can be added to both classic and modern SharePoint pages. SPFx Web Parts are deployed through the SharePoint App Catalog.

SPFx Extensions

SPFx Extensions extend the SharePoint end-user experience in the Modern UI. For example, a custom SharePoint 2019 intranet header with an emergency notification banner can be activated.

SPFx Web Part Example

Below is a simple example to illustrate how to overcome a SharePoint limitation with a custom SPFx Web Part that will provide a better experience for staff tasked to create and edit content as well as visitors consuming content.

In both SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019, a modern page section can be divided into 1, 2 and 3 columns out of the box (which is far better than the classic page model since a developer would otherwise need to create three separate page layouts to accomplish the same task).

However, what if four columns are needed? Most staff would try to do this beginning with a one-column section, then adding a Text table formatting an OOTB web part and creating an HTML layout table.

As you can see, this is not the preferred approach since it introduces horizontal scrolling on mobile devices.

It is also tedious to create, and a layout table can introduce reading and navigation order issues for screen readers. In short, this is sure to result in staff frustrated with SharePoint and may result in a poor user experience for site visitors.

Instead, a custom list-driven SPFx Web Part can be created to store groups of headings and links in a structured SharePoint list, providing “fill-in-the-blank” capability for SharePoint.

After all heading and links are created and stored in the SharePoint list, a custom Column Links web part can be added to a page and the properties configured. The columns are automatically created based on the count of column headings and styled per the site style guide. No HTML formatting or layout tables needed—saving lots of staff time.

The appearance of columns on mobile devices is also enhanced.

Custom SPFx Web Parts combined with the Modern SharePoint UI are intuitive and require minimal training for staff to use. While the same web part can also be created in the classic UI (and the SPFx Web Part can be made to work in the classic UI) the combination of the SharePoint Modern UI and SharePoint Framework (SPFx) custom development provides a streamlined “modern” experience built from the ground up to be responsive and mobile-friendly.


The SectorPoint team can help you evaluate the best customization approach for your SharePoint on premise or SharePoint online needs to support your ideas, vision and strategic objectives. Additionally, we have the experience and technical approach to provide story creation, specification drafting and customer engagement to provide custom solutions to your team in a continuous integration and/or continuous development (e.g., Azure DevOps) model.

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SectorPoint has been helping K-16 clients advance their technology initiatives for over two decades as not only a premier service provider, but also as a true business partner at all levels of IT, business and operational teams.

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