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SectorPoint, Inc. provides a modern and innovative CTE Course Connect web application designed especially for community colleges that facilitates course articulation agreements created as a result of partnerships between a community college, local high schools and ROP programs. Together, high school teachers and college faculty can utilize the CTE Articulation App to examine course curriculum of their respective disciplines in order to determine if the selected courses are equivalent. Colleges and schools benefit from a complete digitized process that automates the entire articulation process from submission to approval, and renewal, with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Once a course is articulated, the two educational institutions provide a smooth transition for students to move from one course, program or educational level to the next, while minimizing or eliminating course repetition.

Modernizes the CTE Course Articulation Process

  • Complete web-based electronic workflow
  • Provides a modern, accessible and responsive (i.e., mobile-device friendly) user interface experience
  • Cloud-based, so it requires minimal effort from College IT departments
  • Customizable workflow to meet college approval needs

Public View Features

Public visitors can search for current (approved) articulation agreements by school and can view agreement details (course, units, teacher/faculty, status and expiration date).

High School Instructor Features

Local high school teachers either create a CTE Course Connect username and password, or they can use a Google® sign-on option for added convenience. Once an account is created, a teacher can be associated with one District/ROP and many schools within the District/ROP and can submit new articulation requests online in a modern, web-based form, including attaching curriculum files such as course outlines and syllabus. The agreement can be saved as a draft or submitted to the college. Teachers can check the status of approval and resubmit rejected requests, if needed.

Articulation Coordinator Features

The college articulation coordinator role performs the initial review of submitted agreement requests and has a dedicated dashboard that provides visibility of the current status of all agreements in the CTE Course Connect system, including new and renewal requests. Articulation coordinators screen incoming requests, can approve or reject the requests, and can edit and delete articulation agreement requests. Approved Requests are sent to Faculty. Rejected requests go back to the high school teacher and can be resubmitted as needed.

College Faculty Features

After the college articulation coordinator screens new and renewal requests, they are electronically forwarded to one or more college faculty members assigned to the college course. Faculty can approve or reject articulation requests, add comments for approval/rejection actions and then store in Request History. Additionally, faculty can view the teacher’s contact information for offline communication, if needed.

College Supervisor Features

The college supervisor role, typically the Division Dean or CTE Supervisor, provides final approval of articulation agreements routed after college faculty approval. The college supervisor sets the agreement effective date and expiration date (college articulation coordinator role can do this as well). Once approved, the agreement is live and available for public view.

Simplified Approval Process

The above roles work in a progressive manner to complete the “out-of-the-box” CTE articulation process.

High School Instructor College Articulation Coordinator Prepares andsubmits courseinformation (New orRenewal ArticulationRequest) Approve or Reject? Reject Approve Sends back for anyneeded edits College Faculty Approve orReject Reject Approve CollegeSupervisor Approve AgreementPublicly Available Sends back forneeded changes oradditional comments

However, workflow and process can be customized to meet individual college approval requirements; for example, vice-president level approval or additional approval levels at the high school level, such as site administrator approval, can be added


In the end, our solution benefits students by minimizing course duplication, reducing costs for students, and encouraging student enrollment. To schedule a free, no-obligation demo of CTE Course Connect for your college that will take you through the entire articulation process, we invite you to:

Our Client Partners

SectorPoint has been helping K-16 clients advance their technology initiatives for over two decades as not only a premier service provider, but also as a true business partner at all levels of IT, business and operational teams.

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